2D/3D Processing

Earth Signal processes all sizes and types of 2D and 3D projects.

 One of our latest projects included over 600 lines with various vintages from 1985 to 2005. We were chosen for this project due to proprietary tools such as our 2D tie program which ensures consistent phase and statics along with our innovative 2D noise attenuation programs. In the 3D world we also cover the gamut of varying challenges, sizes and complexity. We use our proprietary 3D software tools for interactive geometry assignment, QC and first break analysis. We try several refraction statics techniques and the best solution is the starting point for our Refraction Tomography iterations. Our velocity analysis tools include an anisotropy correction and we incorporate the well log data as a guide for geologically sensible final velocity models. Our unique 3D noise attenuation techniques ensure AVO compliance. We are onshore seismic processing experts and we excel at solving these issues. All this is accomplished with no third party software for a truly unique look at your data.