Covid Response

Earth Signal Covid-19 Response

We take the current threat to everyone’s health and safety seriously and have taken measures to minimize COVD-19’s impact on our great team and business. Self-isolating, working from home and collectively doing our parts to relieve the pressure on our front-line workers.

First and foremost, all of us at Earth Signal would like to express a very sincere and HUGE thank you to all of the healthcare workers, first responders, utility workers, truck drivers, store clerks, food industry workers, and all other critical personnel that are keeping Canada safe, fed and running during this crisis. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed and we are indebted to you for your risk to exposure. Thank you all!!

While the majority of our staff has been working from home since the onset of this crisis, in order to provide continuous service to our clients it is required for us to have a skeleton staff in the office to look after our essential business functions (receive data shipments, system administrators, database administrators etc.). All widely accepted COVID-19 prevention measures have been internally implemented to help reduce the risk of exposure for these essential business employees. There are daily discussions with all our employees to ensure their wellbeing on both a personal and professional level.

Since day one, we have put an emphasis towards the development and advancement of our proprietary processing software, prioritizing a platform with global capacity that is agile, stable and capable of offering uninterrupted access to our tools in order to ensure continuity between our team and all our clients locally, and around the world. Our processing system and hardware has been built to be accessed remotely from around the globe for many years. As such, working from home has not been a difficult transition for our people, in fact, over the past decade, numerous full-time staff members have been working remote. As a result, we are 100% operational and committed to maintaining seamless working relationships comprising of high-level customer service and of course, great technical results. Most importantly, we are here to help YOU.

As we have in the past, we are evaluating our operation during this unique situation to advance our software and are incorporating thoughts, ideas, and suggestions from both our staff and clients to help grow the company moving forward.

We send our thoughts to anyone who has been affected during this global event and wish everyone continued health and safety.


Steve Fuller, P. Geoph.