Our Management Team

Steve Fuller, P.Geoph. – President
B.Sc. Geophysics University of Alberta – 1985

Steve is one of the co-founders of Earth Signal and has over 30 years of seismic processing experience, working at various public and private processing companies before co-founding Earth Signal in 1993. Steve’s vision was to build a company on a strong foundation of software, people, service and response time. Steve has helped guide the development of its 100% proprietary SeisRight™ software from the ground up. The concept was to control development and software quality rather than relying on third party tools. This allows Earth Signal to be responsive to the changing seismic marketplace and the needs of the customers. Surrounding himself with a strong team of brilliant empowered staff, treating customers with respect, delivering a great product and providing excellent service in a timely fashion are Steve’s goals. He has assembled a team of talented geoscientists that today represent the essence of the company.

Steve believes strongly in giving back to the community in which he works and is involved in many industry related events. He was the Chairman of the CSEG Doodlebug in its 50 th anniversary and is a current member of APEGA, CSEG, SEG, EAGE and ASEG.

Allan Bradshaw – Director of Technology
B.Sc. Honors Physics University of Calgary – 1970

Allan, the other co-founder of Earth Signal, began his career working on field crews in Western Canada for a local acquisition company in the early 70's and later joined their processing group. He participated in the growth of a small start-up business into a major Canadian seismic processing company, where he served many years as Vice President. There, he authored much of the system design, processing programs, training and quality control procedures.

Allan's entrepreneurial spirit led him to start his own consulting company in the early 90's with the promise of a new architecture and new language. He was not disappointed.

Geophysical constraints, not just mathematics were incorporated to form robust algorithms. He developed the entire SeisRight™ processing system, from field data reformatting to full 2D and 3D processing, controlled by an automated flow structure. The proprietary software continues to evolve to meet the ongoing needs of clients in a timely manner.

Regan Kennedy – Processing Manager
B.Sc. Geophysical Engineering University of Saskatchewan – 1999

Regan has worked with Earth Signal Processing Ltd since graduation and during that time has risen to the level of Processing Manager. Regan created the workflows and spearheaded much of the quality control used in our 3D merging, PS Processing, 4D services and Azimuthal Analysis. While day to day tasks involve overseeing projects, training for new hires and implementing new technologies, her real drive is problem solving. An engineering graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, Regan is a member of APEGA, CSEG, SEG and EAGE.

Greg Staples – Senior Processing Advisor
B.Sc. Geophysics (Honors) University of Saskatchewan – 1999

With 20 years of processing experience, 19 of those at Earth Signal, Greg has processed land seismic from dozens of countries around the world. Greg is responsible for mentorship of many of the younger Processing Geophysicists, quality control and as technical liaison to our clients. Greg holds memberships with APEGA, CSEG, SEG, ASEG and EAGE.

Alberto Galleguillos – International Business Development Manager
B.Sc. Geophysics University of British Columbia – 1983

Alberto has over 35 years of land data processing experience having worked in a dozen different countries throughout the world for major geophysical service companies, and has been with Earth Signal since 2009. He has been the Manager and Processing Supervisor in several processing offices through his career and was charged with opening up and starting some of these new centers. A graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Geophysics degree, and fluent in Spanish, Alberto has taught processing courses internationally and trained and mentored many new geophysicists in land processing. Alberto is a member of the CSEG, SEG, EAGE and has two publications to his credit.

Brendan Smith, P. Geo – Senior Geophysicist, Manager of Business Development
B.Sc. Geophysics, University of Calgary – 2009

With 9 years of processing experience, Brendan Smith has spent the past 7 years of his career with Earth Signal. In that time, Brendan has processed hundreds of 2D and 3D land seismic data sets, with a specific focus on 4D Time Lapse Processing. He has demonstrated leadership as a key innovator in both 4D and AVO processing and continues to work with our programmers to expand our quality control products. Brendan regularly travels the globe acting as a key representative of Earth Signal at many SEG, EAGE, URTeC, and RMAG conferences. Feedback from our clients describe Brendan’s strong ability to explain and showcase our software and expertise. His keen understanding of our tools and ability to apply it ensures top customer service. Brendan holds memberships with APEGA, CSEG, SEG, and EAGE.